Hi there! If this is your first time here, welcome! Words to the Wind.com has been Naomi Fast's poetry website since 2006. But it's now changing its online address!

If you've been checking in here periodically, you know this site has been dangling online for a while, surviving on (very) old HTML and promises. But things ARE happening elsewhere! Please reset your bookmarks to www.naomifast.com. (you may or may not be automatically redirected there at this time, so please click the link to go there and re-bookmark). Naomi's excited to announce she's (finally!) about to launch a series of books of poetry! Links to those will be posted at the new site.

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About Naomi: In addition to being a writer, Naomi runs an organizing business to help cluttered or chaotic households: House in Balance, LLC. If you have clutter--and who doesn't! ;) call her up for a household "energy lift." Naomi's also been an adjunct professor at Portland State University for nearly a decade, wrote the newsletter for Portland Area Theatre Alliance (PATA) for a couple years, penned river poetry while tending the quiet-ish office at a wooden boat repair company, and served on the editorial collective for VoiceCatcher, an anthology dedicated to Portland-area women's writing and art.

Ms. Fast holds two Master of Arts degrees in the communication arts, one in Writing and the other in Theater Arts. She's won several awards for her writing, including an Academy of American Poets Prize and The Shelley Reece Award. Her poem Kajiji Fires was nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize.

As time and resources allow, Naomi's working at translating a book of poetry by Congolese poet Olivier Sangi Lutondo, in dedication to her childhood home, Kajiji, Zaire (which this organization also supports). Here's a video of a 2011 reading of some of that translation work:

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